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About Us

Sanjivani Centre was formed by Dr. Sanjay V. Patil with an objective of Preventing Heart Attacks and to save Patients from the largest killer disease, which kills 4000 person per day.

The mission of Hearts Sanjivani is preventing Heart attacks reversing heart disease, through continuous education, early detection and provide alternative non invasive holistic treatment affordable by all and there by reducing the incidence of coronary artery disease and eradication of premature deaths and disability.

Hearts Sanjivani has a Hi-Tech diagnostic center, where Chelation Therapy, Physical and mental Stress test are living investigated. Now a days we always hear news where person is working and suddenly collapsed because disease is progressing slowly in your body and suddenly heart attack strikes like an earthquake. Prevention is the only vaccination available for heart disease. So those who are facing highly stressful life, or above the age of 30, must undergo regular health checkup scheme to monitor risk factors closely. Normally no education is given to control the DM or hypertension or high level of cholesterol. A simple table is introduced and matter ends there. In Hearts Sanjivani we always educate patient to change their lifestyle. We have a separate lifestyle education unit where regular teaching of diet, yoga, stress management is done.

Hearts Sanjivani has introduced for the first time in Satana(Nashik). The should be learning of ì3 Dimensional Cardiovascular Cartographyî to detect heart disease. The cartography enables early diagnosis of heart disease for high risk covery persons such as executives, professionals, industrialist, and businessmen, all who lead a highly stressful life. The test is an absolutely safe, needs no surgery, no injection, wires, catheters, anesthesia or hospitalization. Cartography is the safest test, known with no pain or discomfort. It is an out patient procedure where patient walks in and walk out within 30 min. Cartography shows blood flow deficiency, elasticity of the artery, myocardial burden, thrombus formation factors which are the main factors which helps diagnose the heart problem, and helps to treat reducing medications. The most successful non-invasive treatment is been introduced by Hearts Sanjivani, which include Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy. Chelation Therapy has been introduced in Satana(Nashik) by Hearts Sanjivani, which helps to reduce blockages in heart without surgery. Medicines, which are used in a drip is FDA approved, treatment last for 3 hrs by specially trained doctors. No anesthesia no surgical procedure is involved. As per ACAM, USA protocol, on an average 30 sittings are required for critical patients with 90-95% blockages in the arteries of the heart patients start improving after 6-12 sittings of drip. These treatments also help to reduce chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, gangrenes, stroke, paralysis, and memory loss caused by failure of blood circulation in different regions.

Treatment is a boon for those who get blockages after surgery, or are unfit for bypass surgeries, those who want to avoid the trauma and risk factors of surgery and also those who cannot afford a by pass surgery or angioplasty, as CT treatment packages cost are much lower than heart surgeries.

Hearts Sanjivani is the most cost effective centre in the country that provides non-surgical Holistic & Integrated treatments for Heart diseases and for those people who want to prevent themselves from this silent killer. Hearts Sanjivani in technical collaboration with Arterial Disease Clinic London and Manchester follows the ACAM ñ American College of Advanced Medicine protocol and has over 94% success ratio in reducing blockages, improving blood flow to the heart thus vastly reducing the possibilities of heart attack and premature deaths.