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Hearts Sanjivani Centre was formed by Dr. Sanjay V. Patil with an objective of Preventing Heart Attacks and to save Patients from the largest killer disease, which kills 4000 person per day. The mission of Hearts Sanjivani is preventing Heart attacks reversing heart disease, through continuous education, early detection and provide... more


Feeling not like a patient and sitting in the lap of nature is what felt after coming in to this Nisargadham Heart Sanjivani Centre. Doctor, attendents and even the patients are more than the family to us in last twenty days, the way this Hospital treat the patients is very nice way. I have seen a beautiful world after almost two-three decanes, where i am so close to nature but still in this 21st century worldt only. I promiss to my self that i will maintain the perfect life style and healthy diet, yoga which has been tought to me in last few days. I expect than my family specially my other half wow a help me in doing so.

Finally i really thanks to the docters yogacnaryas and management staff for showing me the right way to lead the life with very warm memories, I would to going from this hospital or should i say , " A Home away from home"

Kanhaiyalal Lilaranani

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