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Ayurvedic Center

Ayurveda has evolved as a self-care system by those who have accepted responsibility for their own health and want a proven model for health and longevity. It offers us an alternative to allowing imbalances to grow into life-threatening diseases and then resisting them with drugs and surgeries.

Ayurveda is a holistic science of wellness based on creating harmony between two fundamental complementary forces, movement, observed in respiration, circulation, digestion, elimination and in the nervous system, and stability which provides the structure to support movement. Behind these two forces is the one energy which makes it all happen. Ayurveda works through keeping these forces in balance, which creates harmony with this natural rhythm found in all life. Harmony reflects itself in wellness just as all disease grows from an imbalance.

All life forms contain a unique mix of these forces giving them their special character. Thus, because every individual is unique and indivisible, what is balancing for one person’s body and temperment, may cause imbalances and disease in another. Ayurveda provides guidelines to determine your individual constitution and for your specific pathways for creating balance. You can begin to look at yourself through these principles by taking a self-test at this website to discover your Ayurvedic constitution.

Ancient Roots and Modern Branches

Ayurveda, literally the “science of life and longevity” in ancient Sanskrit, is the oldest healing system in the world in continuous practice. It dates over 3000 years, with roots going back even further. It is the worlds first holistic system of health maintenance, based on lifestyle, diet and herbs. It was discovered that the taste of an herb determines its action: cleansing, balancing or rejuvenating. Generally, bitter tasteing herbs clear and cleanse, whereas sweeter herbs tend to be nourishing and rebuilding. In contrast, vitamins therapy assumes there is a deficency, if one does not exist, they are simply excreted by the body.

Ayurveda is based on an individual approach to correct imbalances before they develop into diseases. It relates to modern preventive medicine through five process to maintain optimum health : detoxification and cleansing, boosting the effectiveness of the immune system, helping the body cope with stress with adaptogenic herbs, protecting the body with antioxidants, and rejuvenative tonics that keep the body toned to retard the aging process.

When imbalances do occur, the goal is first to control the inflammatory reaction of the immune system with a proven system of herbal healthcare. Herbs like guduchi and guggul act as ” immunomodulators ” because their balancing effect both controls inflammation and enhances the body’s natural defenses. The use of imunomodulating herbs is central to herbal medicine, supporting the body’s immune system to deal with allergens. Combined with detox, the system becomes stronger and we note fewer reactions to allergens of all kinds. Attempts at suppression of the immune response only leads to greater and greater recurring symptoms. The next step is to follow guidelines based on Ayurvedic principles for a return to balance and rejuvenation.