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Chelation Therapy

Heart’s Sanjivani Multi-Medical & Research Group, Satana. Your Heart is your lifeline so protect it from toxins to prevent surgical interventions with the new EDTA Chelation Therapy. The only solution to heart disease? No, there are alternative therapies & the latest on the scene is chelation. Pratcised by over 1,500 doctors in the USA, it something much simpler Artery Clearence Therapy (ACT), this includes the use of antioxidants & lifestyle management. Stress, pollution, bad dietary habits, smoking & sendentary lifestyles are the primary factor for heart disease. Today one out of ten persons suffers from it. Chelation therapy is a new hope for arteriosclerosis (fatty deposits in arteries) & age associated disease. What exactly is chelation therapy? This is a chemical therapy by which a metal or mineral (Lead,mercury,copper,iron,arsenic,aluminium, calcium) is bonded to another substance, it is natural process. In this therapy a small amino acid called ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) is administered to the patients intravenorsly. This EDTA infusion bonds with excess metals & Other toxic elements in the body & throws them out through the Urine. Thus major problems heart attacks, strokes, leg pain, gangrene, bypass surgery & ballon angioplanty can be prevented. Chelation patients resume thier normal activities sooner than patients who have undergone surgical procedure. with proper diet, regular exercise, nutritional supplements & periodic maintenance. People those taking chelation therapy usually go many years without suffering any more problems. Chelation is not a “cureall” by itself, It merely reduces abnormal free radical activity, allowing normal healing & control mechanism to come into play to restore health. So chelate your way to a healthy happy heart.

Gentle process taking approximately 2-3 hours per treatment. Given every 48 hours as a general rule, a series of infusion treatments is indicated, although that figure is subject to medical review. Side Effects : are minimal, transient, and generally connected to the detoxification taking place. No adverse side effects have been noted and the process is in regular use in Europe and USA. Chelation is safe cost-effective, method of treating problems relating to compromised circulatory systems. The successfully treated patient can expect a cessation of the symptoms [shortness of breath, chest pains, memory loss etc all, connected to mineral-clogged blood vessels. The patient can also expect to look, feel and function better; a matter that will no doubt be noted by friends and family. In combination with our supportive therapies, chelation has proven to be a non-intensive, cost-effective, alternative, to the major surgeries usually associated with cardiac and circulatory illnesses.

What is chelation therapy ?

Chelation therapy is an intravenous treatment using a solution containing minerals, vitamins, and special man-made amino-acid. This solution through complex biochemical action at the molecular level has the effect of removing toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury & arsenic. It also causes the mobilization of abnormal calcium some of which is excreted via urine & bile, and some of which is recirculated with the possibility of being redeposited in bone.

The term chelation come from the greek word “Chele” Which means to grab onto like a claw. Chemically; the chelating agent, claw shaped attacks a positively charged metal & surrounded it, making it inactive & eventually removes it from the body. Chealtion therapy promotes health by correcting the majors underlying causes of arterial blockage. Dameging oxygen free radicals are increased by the presence of metalic elements & act as a chronic irritant to blood vessel walls & cell membranes. EDTA removes those metallic irritants, allowing leaky & damaging cell walls to heal plaques smooth over & shrinky allowing more blood to pass arterial walls become softer & more pliable, allowing easier expansion . Scientific studies have proven that blood flow increases after chelation therapy. A complete programme of chelation therapy involves a broad-based health care programme of regular exercise, proper nutrition, vitamins a minerals supplement & avoidance of tobacco and other damaging habits. EDTA Chelation : EDTA Chelation is a therapy by which repeated adminstration of a weak synthetic amino-acid (EDTA-Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic acid) gradually reduce atherosclorotic plaque & others mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system by literally dissolving them away.

EDTA is so effective at removing unuwanted minerals a metals from the blood, it has been the standerd “FDA-approved” treatment for lead, mercury, aliminium and cadmium poisoning for more than 50 years. EDTA improves calcium & cholesterol metabolism by eliminating metallic catalysts which cause damage to cell membranes by producing “oxygen free radicals” EDTA was first used in Germany in 1940’s to treat heavy metal poisoning. Since 1950s, Dr. Norman Clark, & Other physicians noticed that patients treated with EDTA for lead poisoning reported less pain from angina, improved memory, better sight, hearing & smell And increase in Energy. Convinced from tests with rabbits that EDTA could clear out clogged arteries, some doctors began to use chelation on humons. EDTA chelation featured in the Americal Medical Association’s Medical world News. In 1980s a number of reports in the medical litrature documenting improvement in vascular disease.

Scientific Proof

One trial with 2870 patients showed considerable to excellent improvement after chelation therapy (both objectively & subjectively) in 93% of patients with heart disease, 97% of patients with narrowing of the leg arteries & 60% of patients suffering from cerebral vascular problems.

In another trial, 17 out of 18 patients showed considerable improvement of cardiac pump function after 20 chelation drips. 15 patients with impaired brain circulation, all reported a lessening of complaints. In 14 of these a brain scan clearly demonstrated improves circulation. In 57 patients with narrowed cerebral vessels, narrowing dropped back from an average of 28% to 10 %. In yet another trial with 30 patients suffering from narrowing of the cerebral vessels , a sonogram of the neck arteries (carotiads) was performed after 10 months. It showed a decrease in vessel narrowing from 49% to 28%. The group with the most severe stages of narrowing improved dramatically, from 77% to 42%. In patients suffering from diminished kideny function, avarage kidney function improved by 50%.

Complete Programme of chelation includes

Your lifestyle counts: chelation therapy is only part of the curative process. Improved nutrition & improved lifestyle are absolutely imperative for lasting benefit from chelation treatments. Chealtion is not in & of itself a “Cure All”. It nearly reduces abnormal free radical activity, allowing normal control mechanism to come into play so that free radical damage can be repaired & health can be restored with the help of applied clinical nutrition, antioxidants supplementation and lifestyle corrections.
Nutritional supplements : A scientifically balanced regimen of nutritional supplements reinforces the body’s antioxidants defenses & should include vitamins E,C,B1,B2,B6,B12, pantothenate & beta corotene. A balanced program of mineral & trace element supplementation should include magnessium, Zinc selenium, magenese & chromium. Destructive Habits : It is important to eliminate the use of tobacco altogether & cigarettes & pipe tobacco, snuff or cigars. It has been observed that patients continue smoke following chelation have demonstrated less improvement. Anyone who drinks more than one or two ounes of pure ethenol in 24 hours(8 glass of beer, 4 small glasses of wine, 2 short glasses of hard leakers) risks free radical damage. Even that amount is harmful in a regular basis. Victims of chronic degenerative disease should usualy avoied consumption of alcohol. Exersize- Physical exercise are very helpful even a brisk 45 minutes walk several times per week help to maintain the help benefit and improve circulation resulting for chealtion therapy lactate normally builds up in tissue during sustian exersize and locate in natural chealates produce within the body.